Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Just chilling in my bed, trying to learn physics and listening to songs like Señorita or Suit & Tie from Justin Timberlake - paaarty 📚 🎧 . This is so much fun, no seriously. I think I'll go to sleep soon it's almost midnight. Good night 🌛

what's up peeps?


So I've decided to upgrade my blog. My passion for fashion has been growing and growing and I feel like I'm finally in a position to share my style. As my seminar teacher would say "I have something to say!". I want to do many things - tutorials, DIYs, reports and things like that - just simply blog.

The first thing I wanted to tell you about was my T-SHIRT TRANSFORMATION.
When I coloured my hair with my friends we used these #notthatpretty t-shi(r)ts and the colour on the back kinda spiced them up. But still, the I LOVE PARIS t-shirt my friend M gave me wasn't as beautiful as I wanted it to be so I did a little spicing up with the back one more time.

I watched Meredith's tutorial and it inspired me to do this transformation and I plan on doing many more. You schould definitely watch her video.

So here is the picture of my tee, the colour is wearing off but maybe I like it just plain white even more anyways.

 I will add some other pictures of this tee when i'll get the chance.



Saturday, November 24, 2012


This is a picture of me that one of my friends Natalie did. Crazy right? Like it?

© Naty Hofmanová

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Somebody once told me to smile no matter what is happening. That is easy to say but hard to do. So when I am not feeling like smiling I just go to my own happy place and try to forget about the bad things happening in the real world. That works for me. I haven't been getting to much sleep lately so I have no other choice really. Just try to stay positive! This is my new tattoo (for 2 weeks) and I'm sticking to its purpose.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We just have the IT class and we are learning how to create a website. I am so grateful to do this whole thing at blogger.com because the normal way is so boring and complicated. I want to go home.

© Naty Hofmanova

This night was really scary. I woke up at 3am in the morning with a huge need to get something to drink plus my stomach hurt so I wanted to take a pill. So I went to our living room when out of the blue everything was blurry and I collapsed on the floor. It was like a nightmare. Few minutes later I managed to went back to bed, get the pill from my bag and I fell asleep immediately. A woke up one hour later totally freaked out and I had to quickly pack my things and go to school. So crazy!

I am writing a biology test next period so wish me luck.
Anyone also looking forward to watching yestarday's Gossip Girl episode? Love it!

- Elena

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BTW I just finished watching the movie Blue Valentine and it is absolutely perfect - romantic, dramatic, surprising and when you get to the end you want it to never end. I think that is the beauty of the television series - they have so many parts.
So if you will have time, check it out.

With the morning sun, I am still in bed, trying to get up, but I am to tired. On Saturday I ran 10 km and then went for a walk with my friend. She needed to buy new flowers, which was really exciting plus they had an amazing frappe in the restaurant inside. Probably the best one I ever had. Trying to carry those two big flowers wasn't that easy, but it was worth it.
And yesterday the school was okay. Afterwards Laura and me, we finally bought the talented Mac Miller tickets and gone shopping for new shorts (in which we succeeded). Then at 6 o'clock I was back at school again playing the Midsummer Night's Dream theatre as a bad little fairy called Puck, that was a great fun.
So that is it, the reasons why I desperately need summer and vacation, especially on the beach.
Hope you had a great weekend too,
xoxo, Elena