Saturday, January 21, 2012

Be Optimistic - Chapter 1

I often question myself, who am I? Who is Elena? Most of the times the answer is, crazy little dork, but who the hell knows? That is how I see it. And right know it probably seems like I have many questions unanswered, but I am fine. It is not unusual to be confused and a little bit to shy at 15, isn't it? At least I hope it is not. I don't care what everybody thinks of me anyway. OK, so that is a lie, let's face it. It would be great to not care, to be free and spontaneous, but I do not know how to do that. How many opportunities have I missed and bad choices have I made just because of being shy, stubborn and shallow. It still happens, my friends text me to go out or do something interesting, but am always to sick or to tired. I mean it is true, I really am tired from my part-time job or from school all the time, but not every time it can be an excuse.

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